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Thursday, 28 September 2017 11:16

Lowering the risks associated with retirement

At Capital Alliance Financial Services Ltd we are dedicated to providing help to clients with insurances, mortgages, and a vast array of finance services. Pension reviews also form a part of our operations, and they have proven themselves incredibly useful in the past to those who are uncertain of their situation. Whether you wish to discuss future retirement requirements or your current intentions, we guarantee that you'll find our assistance invaluable.

If you are an individual that has a defined-contribution, stakeholder, or personal workplace pension, it would be wise for you to review your investment decisions. This is especially important as you get nearer to retiring proper. The main reason why you need to do this is that you may be taking on too big a risk. Regardless of whether your pension funds lie within a default programme, or if you've selected the funds that it has been invested in.

Countless pension funds invest in a plethora of resources, including the likes of bonds, stock market shares, and money. The worth of shares is something that can either rise or falter. The further your scheme is invested in these shares, the higher the likelihood of your pension's value increasing or decreasing.

If you're able to leave your assets invested in shares for a prolonged period, like say ten years, you will have ample time to subsist the twists and turns of the stock market. However, if you'll require your money in two years time, there will be the risk of your shares losing value when it comes to retirement. Following amendments made in April of 2015 though, you now have more flexibility and choice over how and when you can withdraw funding from your pension pot than was previously permitted.

At Capital Alliance Financial Services Ltd, the comprehensive service that we offer enables you to participate in annual pension reviews that aid you in defining and achieving your goals. We understand that everyone's needs are different, which is why we encourage people to sit down with our specialists at the first given opportunity and discuss them in detail.

If our business interests you and you'd like to know more about what we do, you're welcome to contact us.

Capital Alliance Financial Services Ltd specialises in providing assistance with finances, insurances, and mortgages to clients from across the UK. To us, every single case is crucial, which is why our dedicated MD oversees each of them, using thirty plus years of experience to supply you with the best possible solution. As one of the leading establishments for business leasing Nottingham has available, we are the people to depend on if you have any concerns about this area.

As discovered by a survey performed by the Equipment Leasing Association, the popularity for leasing is increasing in the business world. To put it simply, a greater number of businesses are opting to lease the things they require, including facilities, offices and equipment. This trend shouldn't be too much of a surprise. After all, for the majority of small companies, this option offers them a cost-effective substitute to outright buying their goods. In fact, it's entirely feasible for such an establishment to lease nearly everything it needs.

There are all sorts of advantages to leasing that companies should be aware of; we're going to go over some of them here.  

To begin with, not having to spend large sums on up front purchases can aid you in organising your cash flow more efficiently. This is especially beneficial if you're just starting out. Chances are that you will incur a relatively tiny down payment, in addition to monthly payments that are lower than those found with loans taken to buy the items.

You'll also have an easier time financing everything with a lease. If there are a series of strikes against either your business or private credit history, it's simpler to obtain more suitable financing terms with a lease as opposed to a purchase.

At Capital Alliance Financial Services Ltd, if you allow us to, we can show you why leasing is the smarter option. We assist both established and newer businesses, and can make arrangements for partnerships and sole traders as well as public and private limited organisations. Our services come with ongoing support and realistic advice; our focus is always on helping our clients make the right choices for them.

If there are details that you must discuss with us, please get in touch. We are proud to be one of the leading authorities on business leasing Nottingham has and would recommend every enterprise explore the opportunities on offer.

Insurance provides invaluable protection for homes and possessions. Whether you are an owner occupier or a tenant you will appreciate the peace of mind a policy will offer, especially when you put the work in to find the right coverage. The Capital Alliance Financial Services Ltd team is here to help with that. We have become one of the leading introducers of buildings & contents insurance Nottingham has to offer.

One of the most common questions we receive is how people can save money on their insurance coverage. With this in mind, here are some tips.

A simple thing you can do is combine coverage, keeping building and contents on the same policy. In many cases getting both from the same provider can work out cheaper.

Cutting out the frills can save you a lot of money too. Ideally you will only want to pay out to cover those essential things that are irreplaceable.

Paying annually can also work out cheaper. Although monthly payments may seem more manageable you may find that you are paying more administrative fees. With an annual payment there should only be a single admin fee to worry about.

A higher excess can cut the amount you have to pay for coverage. Lower premiums tend to have a higher excess to cover the difference if a claim needs to be made.

Home improvements can surprisingly help to reduce your insurance expenses. For example investing in good quality smoke alarms, protective systems, and insulation for water pipes all reduce your likelihood of making claims, thus lowering your bills.

Home and contents insurance works in a similar way to the coverage for your vehicle; the longer you go without making a claim, the lower your premiums should be. As a result you should think carefully before making any claims and decide when it is better to use your own money for repairs.

Capital Alliance Financial Services Ltd is happy to explain the ins and outs of different types of policy. If they want help finding buildings & contents insurance Nottingham based clients only need call us. We provide professional support and friendly advice, ensuring that each client is happy and satisfied.

Monday, 04 September 2017 10:45

An introduction to buy to let mortgages

When you choose to invest in a property that will not be your main residence there are a number of things you need to keep in mind. Most importantly the mortgage you get will be different and you'll have specific responsibilities. Capital Alliance Financial Services Ltd is here to help, offering support with buy to let mortgages Nottingham clients can have confidence in.

So who can get a BTL mortgage?

There are some requirements if you want to get one of these mortgages. Firstly you must be able to afford the risk. This means you need to show you have a good credit score, a suitable income, and the right capital to draw on. You may find it difficult to get a buy to let mortgage if you don't already own a home. Finally there will be upper age limits with lending, typically between 70 and 75. You need to make sure you won't exceed these.

What are the differences between BTL and ordinary mortgages?

Although there are many similarities between both types of mortgage, the differences can be substantial. For example the fees for lending and the interest rates can be much higher. On top of this the minimum deposit is much higher. Although it is possible to get a 5% or 10% mortgage on your main residence you may need between 20% and 40% for a buy to let property.

A major difference you may find is that BTL mortgages can be interest-only. What this means is that there are no monthly fees to pay; instead lenders pay off the interest. Then once the mortgage term ends all of the capital borrowed is paid off in full. This tends to accompany the sale of the asset or a re-mortgage.

How much can you lend?

There is an important caveat with buy to let mortgages. The amount you can borrow is linked to the rental income you can make on the property. Generally the mortgage will be between 25% and 35% lower than the monthly rent. This means that the investor should be able to cover their payments with the income they receive.

Capital Alliance Financial Services Ltd can offer help and advice to clients. We have become one of the best names for buy to let mortgages Nottingham has because we are approachable, friendly, and professional. We work to build a rapport with clients and always focus on helping them to get the perfect finance.

If you have any questions for us, please get in touch.

Monday, 21 August 2017 10:45

Knowing who you are working with

In the financial services world knowing who you are working with and receiving a personal service is vital for satisfaction. At Capital Alliance Financial Services Ltd we will always try to work hard to ensure our clients can build excellent relationships with our team of professional advisors. This approach has helped us to become one of the most reputable companies in our field in Nottingham and beyond.

With clarity in mind we wanted to take this opportunity to explain some confusion regarding our website. Although our domain name is we have no relationship with Latvia based 4Finance ( or (http://www.4finance Limited t/a or similar named companies.

Our team are based solely in the UK.

As you can see from the enclosed websites the only thing we have in common is we deal with financial services. The difference is ours are broad, covering everything from mortgages to insurance, business leasing and loans to pension reviews and debt services & much more. We are also registered on the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) website.

Another thing that separates us from other businesses is experience. At Capital Alliance Financial Services Ltd, our team is led by an MD with over thirty years in the industry. On top of this each member of our team is appropriately qualified and up to date regarding industry standards. As a result we can deliver an excellent level of service. We are also contactable 7 days a week, from 9am to 9pm.

A final thing to note is we are proud to use a wide range of lenders to help our clients find the perfect financial services. Our advisors will always offer support and work closely with each client to get to know their needs. As a result they can arrange finance and explain all of the obligations.

When you choose to work with us you can have confidence you are dealing with a professional team with your best interests in mind. If you have any queries about us, or confusion about our domain name, please get in touch.

Thursday, 29 September 2016 18:05

Unsecured Loans

Never a better time while rates are at an all time low.



Minimum age 18 .

All applicants should show on Voter’s Roll (Exception considered)

Income – you must be able to comfortably meet the repayments of this new loan, plus your normal bills and expenses etc.

Current bank account that accepts standing orders. (we are not doorstep collections)

Loans amounts from £1,000 to unlimited depending on your case.

Repayment period best for you.

Prepared to accept Defaults/ CCJ’s, & Benefits.




Tel. 0737 5598 805

    Open 9.00 am – 9.00 pm 7 DAYS    

Rough Example borrow £1,000 over

24 months = £45.68 per month 

Total payback @ 9% APR = £ 1096.43



The actual rate available will depend upon your circumstances & credit history: Written Details on Request: We do not charge any upfront fees


If for any reason, you do not FULLY meet these requirements, then still contact us, as we may be able to help via a different plan and companies.


Wednesday, 10 August 2016 17:47

Japanese Knotweed


japanese knotweed flowers 2This weed could wipe off £ thousands from your house value.

Fallopia Japonica is an synonym Raynoutia Japonica commonly known as Japanese Knotweed.

Some of us have heard of horror stories, of this weed with its tough bamboo stems, that can grow a meter in a month and can smash up your house foundations, collapse your drains, dislodge your brickwork, and spread like wild fire in your cavity walls, while looking for water. Causing structural damage & making your home unsalable.

If selling your property and you have Japanese Knotweed in your boundary then you have a duty to get it treated and inform the estate agents & solicitors of this fact.

Failing to inform could cause you a major headache & financial compensation loss even after the sale for “none disclosure”.

If buying not all property valuers are au fait with this weed, so check out the area and other adjoining gardens, ask the neighbours, contact the local council, if you are suspicious then seek a report, as the seller my not volunteer this information.

The weed has no respect for any one type of property, but it has been known to wipe off 20% - 40% of the property value, also bear in mind that lenders share information, and some may refuse to grant a mortgage, or until total eradication of the weed has taken place.

I read that in some parts of the UK, some councils are experimenting with insects to control this weed, while others are spraying, two three times as a set procedure. Simply hacking it down, does nothing neither does burning.

To eradicate this weed is NOT for the DIY person, you could end up spreading it, & then receive a heavy fine it’s a specialist’s job with an insurance back up.

You will find a lot of misleading information on the Webb, plus scaremongering & panic stories, but providing you take the correct precautions & seek professional advice with insurance then you should be fine.

japanese knotweed growth imageUseful contacts:

Natural England – Tel 0300 060 1112

Environment Agency (EA) Tel 0370 850 6506

Property Care Association (PCD) Tel 0844 375 4301

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Tel 024 7686 8555

Happy gardening.




double barrel2
What arrangements should I make for the orderly disposal of my firearms after my death, and how can my firearms cabinet be opened lawfully?

As a certificate holder, I am sure you will be well aware of Standard Condition 4(b), which applies to both shotgun and firearms certificates.

This requires you to store your firearms securely so as to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, access to them by an unauthorised person.

This prevents you from disclosing the whereabouts of the key to the gun cabinet to any person, such as your wife or next of kin.

Breach of this condition is a criminal offence.

(The exception would be if you and, for example, your son were “cross-certificated”.)

It is a good idea to give your executor a sealed envelope with a letter containing information about the security cabinet and its key.

The envelope should be clearly marked ’Not to be opened until after I die or become mentally incapacitated’.

A temporary permit may be granted to your executor or to one of your relatives by the chief constable (acting as the chief firearms licensing officer), which would enable the permit holder to dispose of your firearms.

He must do this in accordance with the terms of your will.

This matter needs to be done correctly, so as not to back fire (pardon the pun) on the Executors, Trustees.


Sunday, 17 July 2016 08:36

Been refused Building Insurance?

 largetwitter insurances2016 07 16nockick

Very often clients say, when ringing around for certain building insurance the compute says “No”

That may be for various reasons, living in a Flood area, having been flooded before, Unoccupied property, Property under construction/major refurbishment, Home office, High value households, Criminal conviction, Non-standard construction, Poor claims history.

We not only have access to cover the above examples, we also partner with Commercial insurance, like, Landlord cover on Buy to Lets, Retail shops, Trade & Contractors, Commercial property, Professional Indemnity, Office insurance.

Not only building cover but also contents insurance available.

We are a call or click away, for a fast friendly quote.

Call us now on 08432 084 519 or 07973 113 882

or to fill out our contact form click here

Sunday, 10 July 2016 09:07


capital alliance financial services ltd tw logoIn my day to day conversations with clients, mainly the silver brigade I find them rattling around a house on their own, lonely and watching the pennies.

It’s a dark picture I am painting, but is often true and not just confined to the elderly, someone losing a partner, or just Billy no mates.

There is a GOV.UK site RENT A ROOM SCHEME-HS223 which may be of help for anyone (not a landlord) to rent out the spare room or whole floor depending on the size of your home.

And the cherry on top is providing the rent is less than £7,500 per annum from the 6th April 2016 then it is TAX FREE.

When can you NOT use the scheme if the accommodation is:

  • Not furnished

  • Not used as an office or business.

  • Whole of your home, rather than part of it

  • Or let it out while living abroad

You can charge more for the room, providing you are willing to pay tax on this unearned income over the threshold.

A retired doctor friend of mind lets a room each year to one nurse from a local hospital, she receives an income, tax free, has company, and someone to chat & have the occasional meal together its win win.

It goes without saying the reference need to be obtained, plus a meeting,( ask a close friend it sit in as well) and you must feel comfortable with this stranger, but with this scheme comes a very simply method if you don’t want them to stay any long,...just ask them to leave. It is not the long costly process like landlord & tenant contracts.

Much more informant can be obtained on the Gov.UK site, your local council, & Citizens Advice. Worth check it out, enjoy life.


 #lodgers #rentrooms #renttaxfree #rentaroomscheme

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