Secured Loans

secured loands NottinghamWhat is a secured loan?

It is a loan using property as security. Many lenders offering different schemes and different amounts (some over the amount of the valuation) to different people depending on their personal circumstances and credit history.

I have a bad credit history, can I still apply?

Yes, It is our job to match you up with a lender that will offer you a loan that is what we do. All sorts of difficult & unusual circumstances considered.

What can I use the loan for?

Most legal things, home improvement, debt consolidation, weddings,
once in a life holiday, it’s your money.

Why don’t I just re- mortgage?

Well you could, but first ask yourself this: 

Is my income outside the lender parameters 

Poor property valuation 

Want to avoid costly redemption penalties when in tie-in-periods

Need funds within 2-3 weeks.

Are in arrears with a prime High Street lender on a low rate, and are keen to avoid a sub-prime re mortgage on a higher rate for the whole of a new mortgage.

Possible cost, ie. Legal fees, broker fees, valuation fee, lender arrangement fee. Would it be worth it? Have I got it?

A secured loan could be a much better option, why not find out for free.

Risk warning if debt consoildation.

Think carfullybefore securing other debts against your home, your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.