Self employed Loans

As you know yourself, you earn better than average income per year, than most people do working a job.

You also know how much you can afford each month in repayments, for that new loan or mortgage. The question is simple. Why do you find it hard to get the advance from the normal financial institutions?


* Low main income, but made up using other income

* Company directors/ Sole Traders
* Self employed: i.e. Building Trade, Taxi Drivers etc.
* Those on more than one income
* Those on irregular lower income but high Bonuses / Commissions
* Seasonal Workers
* Freelance workers
* Market Traders

Today many people fall into one or more of the above categories.

We work harder for YOU in finding the funding that does meet your requirements that also meets their criteria for lending. (It’s not rocket science).

The reason we work harder for you is, if we cannot “place” your requirements then we don’t get paid, so we search and source the hundreds of financial institutions in the market on your behalf.

Let Capital Alliance Financial Services Ltd. do what we do best, and let you carry on doing what you do best, running your business.