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Mortgage Payment Protection

A summary of our standard insurance cover

This is MPPI, not to be confused with PPI that has had a lot of TV and newspaper coverage of late, that’s not to say all insurance is good or bad, but the way in which is sold to you or rather missold to you.

Providing you are fully aware, meet the terms of the policy and truly understand what you can claim for then you should proceed. We would never ever introduce you to this type of policy if we knew that it was not correct for you, after completing a fact find.

Your mortgage is likely to be the largest and most important financial commitment you will make. With this in mind you need to be certain that you will have enough money to meet your repayments if you lose your job (unemployment) or suffer an accident or sickness (disability). We have many clients that this type of insurance has proved a huge life line when they had a change of circumstances

If you fall behind with your mortgage payments and you are unable to repay the debt, you could end up losing your home. That is why the Council of Mortgage Lenders are now encouraging all mortgage borrowers to consider the advantages of taking out independent mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI).

The Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance can help to protect your mortgage payments for up to 12/24 months options if you cannot work due to unemployment or suffer an accident or sickness. You can also cover the cost of any life or buildings and contents insurance linked to your home.

Subject to the standard policy conditions our Mortgage Payment Protection insurance provides:

*    Unemployment and Disability cover for both employed and self-employed applicants. Unemployment only or Disability only cover is also available at a reduced cost

*    Choice of single cover (in one name only) or split cover (in joint names) if two people want to be covered for part of the benefit

*    Back to day one cover is available in the event of a claim

*    Policy Excess periods, in the event of a claim, are also available at a reduced cost

*    Cover can be transferred from a previous insurance provider

*    You choose the amount of monthly benefit you need to protect your mortgage payment and related insurance premiums

*    You can choose to cover an additional 25% of your monthly mortgage payments.

For the full policy conditions, including restrictions and exclusions, please always refer to your policy Terms and Conditions booklet, which is included with your certificate of insurance.

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