Buy To Let

Buy2Let mortgages Nottingham

Buy to let (B.T.L.) mortgages are for people who want to buy a property to rent out to a tenant and derive an income or increase their portfolio or both for now & later years. Some people may be dissatisfied with their pension, and see direct property investment as an alternative.

B.T.L. still comes with a warning, if you (not the tenant) do not maintain your monthly mortgage payments then the lender may repossess the property.

How much can I borrow?
Most lenders will be looking for 20% deposit (some more/less). Also the criteria of some lenders will need to know that the rental income will have a buffer, of 125% - 135% of your monthly repayments, ie.25% - 35% over what comes in to what goes out.
This should allow for “voids (when the property is not let) and tenants that don’t pay
(yes it happens)

Can I get a BTL mortgage?

Some lenders solely look at the income of rents to the amount you borrowed the LTV (loan to value,) others will require that you have funds to make the payments each month should your tenants default. (not pay)
Lenders will also check out your own credit file, some may decline your application if your files show, CCJ, late or missed payments on other loans.

What else?

Apart from the deposit, legal fees, admin. fees, lenders fee, property insurance, some lenders require landlord public liability insurance, gas & electric safety certificate, possibly a letting agent charge of 10% - 15% each month to collect rents & manage the property, an assured short hold tenancy agreement, plus any repairs. Oh yes the tax man, get an accountant or book keeper if this is your first venture.

What return can I expect?

Depending on the location, location, location, in an up/down property market you should see a typical landlords return vary between, 4% to 7%.

Good news is, people get married later in life, divorce 1 in 3, less social housing being built, land for building getting short, good demand for rented property. Plus you have a property that should increase in value year on year.

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