Commercial Mortgages

commercial mortgages NottinghamIf you are making any form of payment for rent/lease to a landlord, then as a business person you know that it is "dead money" going out each month.
Why not buy? You know in the long term it makes sense. Plus you accrue an asset that may increase in value, instead of increased rent.

It can be very difficult to obtain the most suitable commercial mortgages for your business circumstances without an excellent knowledge of the market and good relationships with the lenders. The money you save could differ substantially depending on which lender you borrow from, since every lender has a different area they specialise in. Some lenders are more flexible with repayments than others, some are willing to lend to businesses with bad credit history and some will lend larger amounts than others. In order to make the most of your loan capital, and minimise the risk of getting a bad deal, we recommend that you apply for a commercial mortgage through us.

Commercial mortgages are available for a wide range of business needs and properties. They are commonly used to purchase businesses such as restaurants, take a ways, retail shops, with & without living accommodation where the business and property are sold as one. They are also used to fund business growth, typically for the purchase of additional office space. And they can be used to buy land for business development, such as the construction of retail parks and business units.

A commercial mortgage operates the same way as any other loan. A sum of money is borrowed and the borrower is required to pay back the sum, plus interest over a period of time.

If you already have a commercial mortgage, then you may be paying too much, also you may wish to raise extra funds, and the bank may have said no, or worst, required a charge over your family home, so speak to us first a re-mortgage may be the solution.

The amount of loan required and the level of interest charged will depend on your credit worthiness and an assessment by the provider of your ability to repay. If you have an exemplary business record and have other visible business assets which can be used as a guarantee, then you should have no trouble getting a mortgage at an attractive rate of interest. If you have no business experience, or have suffered business problems in the past, you'll need to work harder to convince the provider that you are a safe bet. By preparing a strong business case, you'll improve the chances of getting a mortgage and getting a more attractive rate of interest.

We are pleased to offer you a no-obligation consultation to assess your requirements and provide a finance solution that is appropriate for you and your business.

Think carefully before securing other debts against your home, your commercial property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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