First time Buyers


Your home will most likely be the biggest financial commitment you will ever make, but over many years in this industry it still is a surprise, that some people put in more effort in arranging their annual holiday, than getting the correct advice for this major purchase.

A mortgage is essentially a loan, over a number of years, paying a monthly amount that is affordable to them, from the amount of income/salary that comes in,until such time the debt is paid off, and you are mortgage/loan free.

As the lenders, i.e. Building Society, Banks, and other financial companies, seem to be falling over themselves to give you money,then it will come as no surprise that most of them have different criteria for granting you a mortgage, and as with most of life, what is good for one person, maybe not for another. That is why we at Capital Alliance Financial Service Ltd, make sure the mortgage is right for you, not your neighbour, work colleague, or family member. We are we work for you.

First Time Buyer: This will be a confusing time on the road to home ownership with many questions, How much can I borrow? How long can I spread the payments over? Do I need a deposit if so how much? What is a repayment or interest only mortgage? Not sure about my credit history, will I be accepted? What’s a Key worker mortgage? What other cost’s do I need to know? Our Certified Adviser will answer all of the above plus many not mentioned in greater detail. Remember we work for you, so at the end of the process you must be comfortable and have a fuller understanding;

Home Mover: Will have some of the same questions as the first time buyer, plus a few more, again we will explain the different mortgages that some lenders offer, Fixed, Cash back, Flexible, Discount, Exclusive Deals, plus other matters i.e. Stamp Duty , Legal Cost.

We will take care of you from start to finish, we can arrange the protection & insurance should you or love one’s ever need it, plus the solicitors legal stuff.

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