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mortgage services NottinghamHere at Capital Alliance Financial Services Ltd we have access to a number of lenders on the market, offering a wide range of mortgage deals,with advance stage payments, great for cash flow, also fixed, discount, etc. mortgages for the “self builder”

It is our job to find the one that fits your needs & wants’. Remember we are working for you, not the lender.
With a self build project, it is much different to the normal house purchase scenario, so let’s take a few moments to consider the following.

Why Self Build?

To be proud of, To be comfortable, To create your own home.
To get more for your money - for most self builders this is the prime motivation with a typical self build being valued at 25% - 30% more than the cost of the land and building costs.
To build in a location of your choice
To have a greater input into the design and materials used - both the exterior and interior can be designed to suit requirements. Room sizes can be increased, dimensions altered or layouts varied.
To build a house to suit your lifestyle - with a growing family a self builder may include extra bathrooms, a study or even a basement playroom whereas a self builder whose family has left home may decide to have larger public rooms and fewer bedrooms.

Value for money by self building

There are three reasons why self build projects result in a house worth more than it costs to build:

1.    No developer's profit - self building means that there is no property developer involved and the profit that they would take on the new home is avoided.

2.    Less stamp duty to pay - on a self build project, stamp duty is only paid on the land and then only when the purchase price is over the thresh hold level. There is no stamp duty payable on the cost of the build and this can result in a substantial saving to the self builder.

3.    VAT can be reclaimed - this is done at the end of a build and is a big advantage of building a new house rather than extending or renovating your existing one. VAT can be reclaimed on goods and materials bought from a VAT registered supplier which are incorporated into the building or the site.( correct at the time of writing)

Who self builds ?
Butcher, Baker, & Candle Stick Maker, apart from the Architect, Builder, & Tradesman, in fact anyone with a dream & determination. The term self builder is a misnomer, as only a very small percentage carry out the work themselves most engage professional sub-contractors to carry out the work, while you are acting as the project manager.

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