Pensions Reviews

 Pension reviews


 When did you last take a look at your pension?
 Can you be sure your pension is on track to provide the retirement you deserve?
 Are your payments invested in the fund(s) that meet your investment needs and views?

Most people in the UK will stop working at some point in their lives, so by ensuring you have the correct pension provisions you have taken the first important steps towards a comfortable retirement - and taken advantage of significant tax breaks that could help you enjoy the quality of life you deserve in the future.

There is a pre conceived idea that the state will look after people at retirement. It’s important to realise that there’s just not enough money to go around and it’s unlikely that you will be able to live off whatever you get, if you are entitled to anything at all.

Your individual needs are different to everyone else’s so it’s important that you sit down with one of our pension specialist at the earliest opportunity to discuss how to fund your lifestyle when you chose to retire.

You may have already started to invest into pensions with previous employers but have no idea on how much your funds are worth, what they are invested in and what you are likely to receive to during your retirement.

We use an  Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) that works from a very wide choice of companies in the Market . A full pension checking service to review your current plans, discuss your retirement needs and offer regular reviews to help you achieve your goals.

It is a simply process, you are sent via email or post  an authority form from the IFA to gather the information from your current and/or previous pension companies after the IFA has studied the pension he will contact you direct. NOTHING is changed, moved, cancelled, or switched without your written consent.

Likewise if you are already in the best deal for you situation, then he will tell you, and everything stays the same. The first inital contact is free, should you wish the IFA to carry on, then a fee can be dicussed with you & him direct. So please contact us, it is worth finding out.

Contact us Tel: 0843 208 4519 Office Mobile: 07973 113 882 or email or complete our enquiry form.