Will & Estate Planning

Avoid arguments, expense, delay plus your wishes not being meet after your death.

1. Without a Will your husband/wife will not automatically inherit your entire estate.
2. Without a Will your partner would receive nothing if you are unmarried.
3. Without a Will you cannot prevent your family being legible for a tax bill of up to 40% IHT
4. Without a Will, guardianship of any children you have under 18 may be unclear. The Courts would decide.
5. Without a Will. What is your funeral request
6. Without a Will you may end up leaving your property and possessions to somebody you had not intended.

7. Without a Will where will your pets go? And would your charity not receive a gift?

A Will is essential to allow you to appoint your executors, trustees, guardians, and beneficiaries and should be carefully reviewed at least every  3-5 years. Or if your personal circumstances change. ( Married or Divorced)

Others matters may also need your attention, these maybe for you, your parents or your loved ones, again we can explain these in plain helpful language in the comfort of your own home, below are just a few

Lasting Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document which bestows the person of your choice the power to manage your financial affairs and/or medical and welfare decisions if you were unable to now or in the future.

Are you forced to sell your home to pay for your Care fees/Community Care?

Every year tens of thousands of people are forced to sell their home to pay for residential care because they are no longer able to live independently. Many thousands more are unable to pass their Home, Savings, Investments, and Pensions on to their children because the Local Authority has taken it.

Have you paid a mortgage for most of your working life only to have your home taken from you in the last few years? **Action now can reduce your exposure and protect your home and assets.


You are supplied you with a full written report, which our experts The Right Will Company put together & what recomendations are required & and at what charge, you then have the choice if you wish to take that advice or not, its your choice and no pressure we just give you the facts. 

PLUS other services available to you.

Probate Service – Inheritance Tax (IHT) Planning - Advance Directive (Living Will) Family Asset Trust  Disabled Beneficiary Trust. Gift of Property Trust – Property Protection Trust –– Storage-etc

The RightWill company is fully insured, specialists in Will and Probate needs home visits can be arranged for England & Wales  and are authorised to take bed side instructions.